Yoga – Day Two

I begin my journal of yoga on day two rather than day one for a reason.  There have been multiple times where I have started a yoga regiment, yet “day one” became “this one day I did yoga.”  Therefore, day one of yoga does not truly become “day one” until “day two” has been finished.

Years ago, while living in Florida, I found a great yoga/pilates video, called yogalates of all things, that I would work out to on occasion.  I believe the longest stretch of consistent practice was about two weeks.  I enjoyed it quite a bit but I just didn’t have the will power to continue on a regular basis.  Also, it was great for strength and flexibility, but didn’t have the meditative effect of which I was looking.

My current regiment is a program I found on Hulu called Yoga Zone.  The initial episode I have repeated the last two days has been simple enough to follow for a beginner yet challenging enough to want to repeat it.  Having lower back problems for a good portion of my life, I am relieved to find a program that begins with a section including lower back relief and relaxation.

Yoga Zone also presents both simple, and complex versions of the poses, allowing beginners and advanced students to utilize the series.  Obviously I have been following the simple version but I know that as I progress I will still be able to go back to episode one and gain the benefits.

At the end of each session I feel a great sense of accomplishment and relaxation.  I feel centered, energized, and I look forward to doing my next routine tomorrow.  If you are looking to try out yoga, I would recommend this series.  I will continue to update my progression throughout my journey and I intend on sticking with my practice from here on out.