Whiggety Whiggety Whiggety Whack

I began calling myself a Whig during the 2004 Presidential election.  I looked at the two candidates and thought “These guys really don’t represent me at all.  And neither do their parties.”  Just a few years before I had run for county council as a Libertarian but I started to realize that even that third party had been taken over by its fringe elements.  So, the only solution seemed to be form a new (old) party.

I can remember the moment clear as day.  I had just arrived at work and was changing into my work clothes when that little voice in your head that sometimes gives you ideas (I believe the Greeks referred to this as the “Muse”) said “You will resurrect the Whig Party.”  I thought, ok, sounds good and I ended up following through with the idea.  I started looking for fellow Whigs online (of which I actually found some), registered the Party with the State of Florida, and started making websites and blogs about the cause.

Flash forward a few years.  I was now back in Indiana to finish school and a new Executive Committee were heading things up in FL.  It was then when I discovered that another modern Whig movement had started independently of my own.  They were calling themselves The Modern Whig Party and they had been started by a group of disenchanted Iraq and Afghanistan vets who were fed up with the partisan bickering and gridlock of the country.

Now, many times these third party movements are flashes in the pan but it seems like this flash may instead be the flames of the Phoenix of a resurrected Whig Party.  The timing couldn’t be any better.  The two-party system looks to be either entering it’s death throes or a realignment at worst.  The modern Whigs are a centrist, moderate party and based on recent polling that’s exactly where half the nation stands.

So, of course neither of the two are going to want to see any sort of advance by a third party into their power structure.  They and their mainstream, corporate media propaganda mouth pieces will begin the “Voting for a third party is just throwing your vote away” line.  Well, we’ve been throwing our vote away for years now it seems… I suppose we should at least throw it away on something in which we actually believe.

There’s no real way to tell what will happen with the modern Whigs.  Of course I wish them success and I’d love nothing more to see the end of a Party System that the Founding Fathers warned us about.  Generally third parties are absorbed into one of the two major parties having a major effect on their platform and initiating realignment.  But with our ability to rapidly communicate that old paradigm may be over.  Just as the end of the old Whigs brought about our current Duopoly, perhaps their resurgence could signal the end of the Party System all together.

I’ll leave you with a few links to some of the recent news stories about the original party of Lincoln and I hope you give the Whigs a chance to fill any political void you might be feeling in your life:





For more information, visit the modern Whigs website: http://modernwhig.org