A Kernel of Truth

A couple of hundred years ago a number of gentlemen decided they were going to become the change they wished to see in the world. Today these gentlemen are referred to as The Founding Fathers. Already the freest people on the planet Earth these men sought even more freedom. To the Founders, these freedoms they requested seemed reasonable and negotiable. Their sovereign wholeheartedly disagreed.

They declared themselves independent States from their previous sovereign, a sovereign that existed in a system that was incompatible with the Citizens who operated within that system. Because of this declaration, a prolonged war between the two sides was waged. During this time, the newly formed States operated under a new system of government, one that was radically different from their previous system.

After operating under The Articles of Confederation for a number of years, some of the leaders of the United States began to believe that the Articles were not the best system under which to govern. A debate began on writing a new system and fixing the flaws in the current system. Again, great minds of the time gathered to create yet another operating system, the U.S. Constitution.

For over 200 years we have been using this system of governance to operate our Social Mechanism. I believe it is time again for the Great Minds to gather and write yet a new system. There is no reason to continue running an operating system with so many obvious flaws that the Founding Fathers would wonder why we hadn’t upgraded years ago. I’d like to use a computer analogy to help explain my train of thought.

In the years before Windows and Mac OS we used an operating system called DOS, short for Disc Operating System.

For its time, DOS was an incredible advancement over the old system of punch cards.

But then, another advancement came along, the GUI, or graphical user interface.

GUI allowed users to visually interact with computers in a way that had never before been available.

New programs were written and stacked upon the GUI which was stacked upon DOS.

Over time, as newer and newer versions of the GUI were released, the entire system became unstable, crashing on a regular basis, and leading to what users would eventually call, The Blue Screen of Death.

The developers of this GUI decided to build a system upon a new core, or kernel.  This newly written kernel allowed for a much more stable system and much happier users of the system.

It is time for us to be the change again.  While I have a love and appreciation for the current Constitution, I believe the ideas behind its creation are more important than the document itself.  While introducing one, or even several Amendments to the Constitution would be helpful we will still run into more and more social, political, and economic Blue Screens of Death as we continue to stack more and more laws on top of a kernel that has run its course.

My proposal is to use our modern ability to communicate at a nearly instantaneous rate and build a new Social Mechanism. We need to recognize that every adult human is their own Sovereign on a quest of Understanding the Universe and their place in it.  We must recognize that we are living beings who share a home with another living being called Earth, and that our current Social Mechanism is killing the very life we are dependent upon for survival.

As Sovereigns we must cede some decisions to a Caucus of Experts on numbers of subjects, and adhere to a Meritocracy where the Experts of each Caucus advance and fall on their performance as Judged by their peers.  We must defend ourselves against the dangers of Fundamentalism by using Science and Reason as our guiding principles, while at the same time letting each Sovereign discover the Nature of their Faith on their own accord.

This is my vision.  Please take these words, and do what you will.