Swirl’s Southwest Chili

The first time I made a chili it was a southwest variety.  I thought it turned out pretty awesome and I’ve been refining the recipe ever since.  I believe it is to a point where I can share with others.  So please feel free to try it out and also share your own chili recipes if you feel like it.


28oz can crushed tomatoes

12oz can tomato paste

16 oz jar salsa verde

can o’ corn

can o’ black beans

16 oz jar banana peppers

2lbs chorizo

Sour Cream

Green onions

Corn chips

chili seasoning


First get out a large pot.  Put the crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, and salsa verde in the pot as your base.  Then add the black beans and corn (drained).  Next, open the jar of banana peppers and use the liquid to get the rest of the goop from the inside of your salsa verda jar, tomato paste, and crushed tomato cans.  This way you get more use out of your product and don’t water down the flavor.  Now, go ahead and dump the banana peppers into the pot and finish it off with your chili seasoning.  I usually make my own with different spices from the cabinet but I’ve also bought the pre-packaged chili seasoning packets.  It’s really up to you and your level of cooking experience.  Once all those ingredients are in the pot crank it up to high and put the cover on the top.  We’ll return to the pot in a bit.

Now get a large skillet and throw in the chorizo.  Don’t worry about adding any oil as the chorizo should be fatty enough.  Just slowly increase the heat as you’re cooking it.  Also keep an eye on the chili pot.  Once it starts boiling you want to turn it down to a low to medium simmer and stir on occasion.  The chorizo should brown up in about 10 minutes and as you’re cooking it be sure to ground it up and cook all the pink out.  After it’s cooked go ahead and dump it into the pot.  You can drain off the grease if you really want to but there’s not a lot of grease in the pan usually.

That’s about it.  Keep an eye on the pot and stir every so often.  I usually let it cook for an hour to an hour and a half but if you’re patient you can keep it on a low heat for longer.

Once the chili is finished top it off with sour cream, chopped green onions and corn chips and enjoy!